Informed and calculated decisions on asset and infrastructure equipment choices from cradle to grave, ensuring operational efficiencies for the life for any project.

For New Projects

The operating costs of non-residential properties are significant and, in most cases will exceed the original capital cost within 15 years. Making informed and intelligent decisions at the design stage and beyond can dramatically reduce annual operating costs and provide sustainable efficiencies.

  • Initial top-down benchmarking for operational costs
  • Planning & implementing Whole-of-Life (WOL) processes for projects
  • Life cycle costing advice for new developments
  • Business case costing
  • Provision of interactive asset models for ongoing management
  • Strategic asset management advice reflecting economic, social and sustainable considerations

Retrospective Review

Genus Advisory can undertake a property OpEx ‘Health Check’ whereby the current operational policies and procedures are reviewed in respect to:

  • Planning and coordination of data collection / condition assessment projects
  • Estimates of operational costs for existing properties including both hard,& soft FM scope as well as backlog maintenance
  • Business cases for capital replacement or improvement alternatives
  • Bench marking of operational contracts

Maximising property portfolio returns over the asset’s life cycle.